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Riff Like Threat Signal - Performance

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Riff Like Threat Signal - Intro & Verse

Hey guys! This month, due to being heavily involved in the writing process of the new Threat Signal record, I decided to break down the mechanics of this interesting rhythm-style, in hopes that you can incorporate it into your own compositions. We'll be breaking down a few different picking techniques that differ from strict alternate picking for the purpose of achieving a heavier-sounding, as well as cleaner and tighter dynamic. Also, we'll be twisting our brains and developing our ears by analyzing unconventional rhythm patterns that work against the grain.

The simplicity of the notes is secondary to the powerful rhythmic syncopation between all instruments and the kick drum. Make sure to focus on this when playing to the backing track, as the exact rhythms will be mimiced with the kick - so if you aren't tight, this'll bring it out!

I am playing in Dropped C tuning (CGCFAD), however, I left the backing track instrument-less for those who aren't able or willing to take such a drastic leap. The voicings will work fine in any "Dropped" tuning, such as Dropped D (DADGBE).

The song is composed in a standard song structure up until the end of the chorus. There's 1 riff to conclude, which serves as a transition back to another verse.

So 'getcha metal on, and enjoy! \m/