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Tutorial - The Lens of Clarity
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The Lens of Clarity - Part 1

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Alright, let's get going!

In this first riff we're going to be playing around with the concept of polymeter. Polymeter represents multiple time signatures going on at the same time. In this first section, the drums are outlining a 4/4 groove, while the guitars are playing a 5/4 riff. I often experiment with this stuff in my music, it can add extra complexity while still emphasizing the simplicity of grooving to the beat.

Pay careful attention to the palm muting throughout this riff and all the riffs in this song. Going back to our "playing tight" concept, your palm mutes have to be clearly distinctive as palm mutes. Make sure there isn't any sloppy palm muting or the riffs will sound muddy.

You'll also see a few "X" symbols on the 6th string throughout this riff. Those symbols represent dead notes. Dead notes are when you have the string muted, so when you play them you'll hear a percussive sound rather than a melodic note.

At the end of bars 1, 2, 5, and 6, you'll see a D# quarter note. To give the riff a little extra "spice", I briefly play that note then immediately slide my finger up on the string as I get ready for the next position. To me, doing this gives the riff a little extra attitude.

Have it down? Head to Part 2 on the next page!

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