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3-Note-Per-String Pentatonics - Introduction

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3-Note-Per-String Pentatonics - Playing in Octaves

Hey guys,

For this tutorial, I wanted to focus on something that I frequently practice and incorporate into my lead playing - stretching the pentatonic scale out over three notes per-string. What we get in doing so, is a pattern which includes notes played more than once within short capacities, except in different positions, which warrants a very "trippy" effect, ala Shawn Lane.

Visualizing the positions in a "wider" context than conventional scale-work takes practice. Analyze each grouping and take it piece-by-piece.

So let's break down the five 3NPS (3 notes-per-string) pentatonic positions, and learn to incorporate the scale technique in a bunch of interesting ways.

CORRECTION: At 2:23, I play B instead of C (12th vs. 13th on B string) in position two - the transcription is correct.