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Tutorial - Pentatonic Scales
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Pentatonic Scales - Introduction

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

Welcome to the Pentatonic Scale Tutorial!

The pentatonic scale is an extremely important scale and should be learned and respected by every guitarist. The pentatonic is a foundational scale, as many other scales are drawn and created from it.

The term "pentatonic" has two parts to it. The "pent" means "five". And the "tonic" means "tone". So from that, we can conclude that the pentatonic scale is a scale with five tones/notes. Each of those tones has an assigned position, and we are going to learn all five of those positions in this tutorial. Also, throughout this tutorial we are going to stay within the key of G minor.

Please look below at the two fretboard diagrams. The top image simply indicates every note of the five positions in G minor. Then with the second image, I highlighted each position individually. That way, you can see what each position looks like by itself, but also see how the positions fit together. Think of the positions like puzzle pieces that form an overall scale structure. And no matter what key you're in, that scale structure will never change. It will simply move up or down the fretboard depending on the key.

G minor Pentatonic Scale

All 5 Positions

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