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From Scales to Chords - Part 4

Chris Feener 256 lessons

Let's try starting from open-position, and this time, let's try something a little more "out-side" with regards to harmony; Sus4 chords.

The root note is in tact, as is the chords 5th (highlighted on the high E string) and we're raising the third up a semitone and adding the 4th suspension (if this sounds over your head, don't worry, we're focusing on practical harmony right now, not letters and numbers!).

Secondly, let's try some of these "chords" out in an arpeggio sequence that could be really cool when included in lead lines. Refer to part two and see that all we're doing is adding an octave of the root to make these arpeggios nice and symmetrical for sweep-picking.

Try each arpeggio out in this context! Note: You may want to play some of these further up the fret-board when executing in this context due to easier stretching.

There's respectable names for all of the chords which we played, but again, try not to focus on letters and numbers when practicing using this format. This is about learning your fretboard and visualizing.

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