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Tutorial - Infinite Endurance
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Infinite Endurance - Part 2: Fret Hand

Chris Feener 256 lessons

So let's take the exact same "up and down" scalar motion, and put our fret hand to work.

I've always found that the most efficient way of warming up the fret hand is by playing things that are slightly uncomfortable. What I mean by this is, involving wider stretches between fingers (in this case, incorporating 3 note-per-string pentatonics) and using a more legato-approach in doing so. Legato drastically increases the involvement of the fret hand, so combined with wider stretches within a never-ending warm-up, there's no excuse for not feelin' the burn!

Again, this exercise serves as a fantastic pre-show warm-up, it'll keep you on top of your pentatonics and over-all is a great tool to include in your daily routine.

So without further ado, you're dismissed to enjoy, suffer through (or maybe a bit of both)... until next time!

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