G-Major 2 Octaves Sequencing Exercise

Tutorial: Sequencing
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7 Major Scale Boxes on 3 Strings

Hey there!

In this lesson we'll again work with 2 sequences: one goes 6 notes descending, than 2 notes ascending, and the other sequence is 6 notes ascending than 2 notes descending.

Mixing those 2 sequences will sound like we're going all over the neck but in fact we're just using 2 octaves of G-Major scale.

The exercise is 100% alternate picking so you have to stay relaxed to play it fast and accurate. If you can't play it fast - don't worry. Speed comes with time and no tension can help it.

Once you're done with this, go through all the lessons in this tutorial and repeat them once or twice just to make sure you got them down. I'll see you around the IG - have fun!