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Tutorial - Infinite Endurance
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Infinite Endurance - Introduction

Chris Feener 256 lessons

I always receive questions along the lines of "How did you develop your technique?", "What is your practice regimen?", "How did you get so fast?". For one, I never really had a practice regimen and more-or-less played for the love of playing, but there are a few exercises I've been doing for years and are still vital pieces of my warm-up (should one be required).

So for this tutorial, we're keeping things to-the-point: developing stamina. Part 1 focuses on picking-hand stamina and Part 2 focuses on fret-hand stamina.

Again, these exercises are what I've found to be THE most efficient as pre-show warm-ups, but including them into your practice routine (should you have one) is also greatly encouraged.

Playing with a metronome is optional with this one - I'll be playing to a click so you can establish the turn-around's within the rhythm,
but the constant physical motion is the primary goal.

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