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Descending Sus4 Arpeggios: Intro

Mike Salow 210 lessons

Hi guys!

In this tutorial we'll be discussing a descending sus4 arpeggio idea that I use a lot in my playing!

Like a lot of ideas, I like to run through them diatonically and expand them into other tonalities so that we aren't just playing a major lick or minor lick. This allows us to take an idea and make it major, minor, diminished or whatever we really want.

With the basic idea of  using intervals   5 - 4 - 3 - 1   in that order, we can adjust them to fit major, minor, or what have you.

In the proceeding videos, the written text will include the exact intervals for each example, as they will change depending on the quality (major, minor, etc...)


For this tutorial, we'll be using the key of G Major. It's a very common guitar key, as are it's relative keys E Minor (aeolian) and A Dorian.

The diatonic chords in G Major are as follows: Gmajor - Aminor - Bminor - Cmajor - Dmajor - Eminer - F#diminished


NOTE: As you may or may not know, in most sus4 instances the 3rd will have been replaced by the 4th but in this case we will be resolving the 4 to the 3 in every example.

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