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Seventh Arpeggios - Introduction

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Seventh Arpeggios - Major7th

Hey all, thanks for joining me!

In today's lesson we are going to be focusing on Seventh Arpeggios. What we are going to do is take 5 different 7th chord types:

1) Major7th

2) Minor7th

3) Dominant7th

4) Minor7b5

5) Diminished7th

and we are going to play them using four different shapes for each arpeggio. These four shapes will contain exactly the same notes in terms of pitch.

The main goal in doing this is to increase our knowledge of the fretboard whilst at the same time developing our understanding of how playing the same pitches on different strings can add more colours to our phrasing palette, so to speak.

What I'd like you to do is to learn the 4 shapes for each arpeggio but at the same time, digest the different timbre we can achieve by utilising these shapes.

Ok, get learning those shapes but don't forget to stay aware of the tonal differences between them.

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