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C# Minor 6-strings SE->NW Diagonal Exercise

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A-minor 6-strings NE->SW Diagonal Exercise E-Minor 3 string Exercise

Alright, there we have it! If you saw the previous lesson of this tutorial you will see this one is totally opposite in the direction we move. My first encounter with this kind of approach was when I saw Rusty Cooley and his Chops From Hell instructionals (later I found out that many guitarists use it). It looks really cool, it sounds cool and it gives you the whole new world of possibilities.

So, again, 6-tuplets over C# minor scale. The better you know the scale boxes, the easier you will write runs like this and have fun experimenting with directions and licks.

Did I mention being relaxed is the key to speed? I sure did, but it is never enough to stress these things out. Relax and shred. :)

Practice hard and slowly and see you later on!