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Playing Slash Chords: Other Shapes

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Playing Slash Chords: Basic Shapes

So I thought I'd go ahead and give you guys another shape I use quite often when composing fusion tunes.

You could say that these chords are Major 9no7 chords with the 9th in the bass. So basically a major triad with the 9th (2nd) in the bass.

For example: G/A, D/E, F#/G#

These chords can sometimes come off as sus2 chords and it's a very good idea to approach them this way when soloing over them.

So for instance if you are playing a G/A chord, it's a very good idea to play G mixolydian over the chord.

I've included two different shapes you can use when playing these chord. One with bass note on the 6th string and one with bass not on the 5th string.