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Playing Slash Chords: Basic Shapes

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Playing Slash Chords: Intro Playing Slash Chords: Other Shapes

So the first step is to take our basic open chords (C, A, G, E, D) and move the 3rd to the bass.

The expectation is that once you've seen how to move the 3rd to the bass you can then move the 5th to the bass on your own.

Once we've moved the 3rd we then have the following chords:

C/E, A/C#, G/B, E/G#, D/F#

Always keep in mind that the first note in the actual chord and the second note is the bass note.

One tip I have for all of you is that if you ever run into a slash chord in a chart and you don't no how to play it, just play the chord without the bass note.

For instance, if you see a C/G, you can just play a C and be totally fine.