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Frank Gambale Sweep Idea: Intro

Mike Salow 210 lessons

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So I decided to take a break from "Licking Up the Modes" this time around. I apologize if you were looking forward to Phrygian, but I promise we'll pick up where we left off in the next tutorial. 

I thought it'd be fun to talk about this Frank Gambale Sweep Idea.

Frank Gambale has been a huge influence on my playing throughout the years so this "Idea" is something I use a lot in my playing.

I don't call it a lick because, in my head, it is more of a rhythm-based idea that can be used throughout multiple shapes and arpeggios.

We'll be using this "idea" throughout the 7 arpeggios diatonic to the key of C major. Cmaj7 - Dm7 - Em7 - Fmaj7 - G7 - Am7 - Bm7b5.

Check out the next video for the specific arpeggios shapes we'll be using.

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