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Tutorial - Makin' a Mayer
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Makin' a Mayer - Chorus

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Now, the chorus has something of a half-time feel compared to the verse, which I feel is a nice reprieve from the up-tempo groove of the verse riff. 

The same holds true here as well with the right hand. The right hand "slaps" mark the 2 and 4 beats of the bar, and keeps you in sync and grooving along! Pay attention to the hammer-ons in parenthesis. These aren't very audible, but they are there, filling out the voicing of the chord. This is done when I hammer-on to the chord, using my first finger as a "barred hammer-on" for the lower 3 strings. There's a fine line here between hammering on too hard, and not hard enough. Try it out and see how you can gradually "fill up" the gaps in the voicing in a nice way.

Once you've nailed this part, feel free to head over to the next page to see a close-up of what the right hand is doing!

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