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Frank Gambale Sweep Idea: Major 7 Arpeggios

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Frank Gambale Sweep Idea: Arpeggio Shapes Frank Gambale Sweep Idea: Minor 7 Arpeggios

Alright, so here is the sweep "idea" applied to our two major 7 arpeggios diatonic to the key of C major; Cmaj7 and Fmaj7.

Note that these shapes are exactly the same, just played at different parts of the fretboard.

Basically, this lick is an eight note followed by a 16th note triplet.

As you can see in the tablature, we have the same exact rhythm happening twice. (8th note to 16th triplet from high E to G and then 8th note to 16th note triplet from G to A)

There is a little bit of barring that must take place so be aware of the that also.