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Playing Vintage Guitars - Song Performance

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Before we dive in, note that we have backing tracks at both normal speed(88bpm) and slower speed(65bpm). If you're a beginner, start out with the slower one so you can work on keeping your technique clean at a slower pace.

We're going to start out the song with a clean intro playing eighth notes.

The heavy rhythm that comes next in bar 5 will utilize sixteenth notes. Keep the A-string palm-muted while letting the notes on the D and G strings ring out.

In bar 13 we have a cool staccato rhythm. The "X" you see on the Low E string simply represents a "dead note". So you'll want to mute the Low E string to where it makes more of a percussive click noise rather than a melodic note.

And as we enter bar 21 we have the fun part, the solo! I must admit this is where I felt the Fender especially shined, that lead tone is wonderful. On the last note of bar 22, just for kicks I played a harp harmonic. I often find that to be a tasty thing to do when notes hang for a while.

Starting in bar 24 you'll begin encountering sixteenth-note triplets and sixteenth notes. Play the runs slowly and cleanly. We'll mostly be using alternate picking save for a few instances of sweep picking.

When you feel ready, head on over to the next page for the backing track!

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