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Friday Night Cruise - Exercise 1

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Friday Night Cruise - Performance Friday Night Cruise - Exercise 2

This first exercise is where I significantly implemented the wah pedal. If you have a wah pedal, definitely use it for this so you can get that rock/funk sound.

Basically all you'll be doing with the wah pedal is pressing down on it while you strum each bar chord, then slightly lifting your foot up at the end of each chord. In the tab below, you'll see B and C chords in bars 1 and 3. So each time you strum down on those chords, also press down on the wah pedal. In addition, towards the end of each chord, slightly lift your foot off the pedal. The goal is to get each chord to sound like it's saying the word "wow".

Another thing to note is all of the rests that you'll encounter. Be sure to get those rests sounding as tight as possible.

Once you have it all down, I'll see you in Exercise 2!