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Filling in the Gaps with Sweep Arpeggios - Part 4

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Filling in the Gaps with Sweep Arpeggios - Part 3 Filling in the Gaps with Sweep Arpeggios - Backing...

To finish things off, let's dig a bit deeper with a few other fairly familiar arpeggios, being utilized in a bit of a different way.

The first, Bm descending from the F# on the high E string. The main thing to keep in mind here is that we're covering a wide amount of "space" in a very short period of time. The finish line is just around the turn, though, so don't let things get sloppy now! 

Remember to implement finger-rolling, even when descending. The goal is to choke the string IMMEDIATELY AFTER it's played to allow the next to ring freely, and for the cleanest overall effect.

There is a HUGE difference between guitarists who play sweep arpeggios with cleanly and with conviction, and those that... well... do not.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Be sure to jam along to the jam tracks provided at two tempos (110BPM and full-speed, 160BPM) and don't be afraid to push it even further!

Thanks for tuning and I'll see you soon!