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Tutorial: Premonition

Premonition - Exercise 4

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Premonition - Exercise 3 Premonition - Backing Track

In this riff, we're transitioning from the darker sound to a more melodic sound.

In bars 17 and 18, we'll be playing 32nd notes exclusively. Pay very close attention to the palm muting. The only notes you won't be palm muting are the ones where you're playing legato with either hammer-ons or pull-offs. Besides the legato notes, keep your palm muting steady and prominent.

You'll also notice a lot of position changes in this riff. Practice it very slowly until you get used to the changes and fingerings.

Lastly, in bar 19 we'll be playing a mix of notes and phrases that will lead us into the closing theme. Be careful with the picking here. In the 1st beat, you'll be playing a short downward sweep as well. Keep all of those notes crisp and tight.

When you're ready, head on over to the next page for the backing track!