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Tutorial - NeoBlues
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NeoBlues - Part 3

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And finally, here is the main riff. Isn’t it fun how the simplest things are often the most difficult? This is also true in this case. This one presents some challenges, especially if your hands are small or your reach is limited. As you can see in the video, I keep my middle finger positioned on the 3rd fret G throughout the main riff, while at the same time keeping the pinky on the C (5th fret G string). This reach, in combination with the fact that you have to make a pull-off from F to E with your other two fingers, makes this a tricky one.

What you have to do here is work slowly up to speed. Don’t even try to play the riff unless you can nail it with this fingering, since this will mean you will not get the notes to ring out together. You could of course still play the riff, but it will sound more staccato and the F-C and E-C intervals will not ring out as clearly. Try it and play it to the best of your ability. It’s a fun, groovy riff once you get it down!

Then we have the rhythmical parts in between, with double hand muting going on. The notes marked with an “X” symbol are muted by using your left hands middle and ring-finger at the same time as you palm-mute with your right hand. This completely kills the note and turns it into a percussive effect, making the notes that are not muted stand out that much clearer. These parts are essential for getting the groove of the riff in motion.

Keep practicing and have fun! I’ll see you again in my next lesson.

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