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The Eccentric Hillbilly - Performance

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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Hi guys, for this tutorial I wanted to break down an original of mine entitled "The Eccentric Hillbilly". After writing this track in late 2007, I decided to enter it into Guitar Idol 2008, it got me through to the finals in London, England and it's been a fan favorite ever since!

Filled with numerous techniques, the wacky bluegrass-metal stylings will keep you busy. We'll experiment with hybrid picking, cool sounding spread-out legato/tapping, and even dive into some techniques not common to guitar, such as slapping and popping.

Each intense section is usually followed by a more melodic one, and this will help keep you on track. Attached with this lesson are a full-speed backing track as well as a decreased BPM version. So, you have all the tools, now get rockin'!

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