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Tutorial: NeoBlues

NeoBlues - Part 2

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NeoBlues - Part 1 NeoBlues - Part 3

Here we have the second analysis part, which covers the interlude theme of the song. The pattern used on the triplets is exactly the same as in the intro, so that should not pose any significant challenge once you’ve nailed that. However, the straight sixteenth note parts are played using hybrid picking, which means I’m using both my pick and my fingers to execute the notes. The “m” marking in the tablature indicates the middle finger of my right hand.

In the end, you will find a tricky part. It’s not technically challenging, but rather rhythmically. Here I mix straight sixteenth notes with a single triplet grouping starting on the sixteenth note before the 3rd beat. This can be confusing at first, but work on it slowly with a metronome and listen to the phrase until you have it internalized. Remember, creating a good groove is just as much about rhythm as it is choosing the right notes.