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Strumming Basics - Strumming with Em and A2 Chords

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

As mentioned in the video, for all our strumming exercises we'll be using chords with similar shapes. Doing this allows us to keep most of our focus on our strumming hand.

Before playing the patterns below, watch the video a few times and study my timing and form. Then when you're ready, give the patterns a try. I'd also highly recommend that you count the 8th notes out loud while you play these patterns, as it will help you understand why you're doing what you're doing. And whenever you see an arrow, that means you need to strum the strings in the direction of the arrow. It's also really important to see how my strumming hand is constantly moving, whether I'm supposed to strum the strings or not. For example...

In this first exercise, do you see how there aren't arrows on every 8th note count? The "+" count after "1" is empty for example. However, even though I don't actually strum the strings there, I still do an upward strumming motion in order to keep my hand moving. Keeping your strumming hand moving is a critical step in maintaining your sense of timing.

Ready to go? Give them a shot!

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