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Tutorial - Blackout
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"Blackout" - Exercise 4

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Just as in Exercise 2, we're going to be encountering some quick 16th note rests. When these rests occur, slap your fret-hand fingers down on the strings to ensure a solid mute. Watch closely how I do that in the video.

In bars 18-21, the rhythm will take place exclusively on the 6th string. There's a mix of palm muted notes and non-palm muted notes. Most of the open string notes are palm muted, but not all.

When you get to bar 22, you'll basically be repeating the same riff, except we're going to add a 5th and an octave note to the original notes to add some crunchy, thick sounding power chords.

In bar 25, you'll be doing some pull-offs on the 4th, 5th, and 6th strings, all at the same time. When you pull off, watch out for adjacent strings ringing out. Try to avoid accidentally hitting the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd strings.

Alright, good job! Ready to rock out with the backing track? Go to the next lesson!

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