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Riff like Lamb of God - Verse/Chorus

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Riff like Lamb of God - Intro Riff like Lamb of God - Bridge

So here's our verse riff. As you can tell, it consists of a whole ton of eighth note "chugging". There are many downstrokes, but keep an eye on the accents as they form the over-all shape of the riff.

NOTE: The extended 1-bar verse tag on the end of the riff is located directly below measure 24, don't miss it!

Much like the intro section - Lamb Of God songs tend to have a "set it up - break it down" type of composition. The contrast is what emphasizes the heavy riffs... and the REALLY heavy riffs! Hence our chorus. Much like the intro transitional riff, it consists of doomy phrygian-sounding power chords. And again, rather self-explanatory when it comes to performance.