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Tutorial - Muting Techniques
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Muting Techniques - Example 7a

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

So what is Dividing Rhythm? Well, it’s just a phrase I use to describe the concept of splitting up a riff into several lines or “melodies”, almost like a classical fuge. What I do is that I allow some notes to ring out, whilst others are muted, creating the illusion of two different rhythm guitar lines in one. This riff is also interesting to play over for improvisational purposes, which I will cover in another tutorial. This because you can play major and minor every other bar, thus forcing you to really focus on the thirds as target notes on every bar, regardless of where on the neck you might be. I explain this in more detail in the video, so keep watching =) The riff itself employs the same rhythm as example 6 did, just transposed to F# and expanded into a string skipping riff idea.

I also use a lighter degree of palm muting here, to balance out the open notes ringing out. In the final example, I will take a different approach on it, so head on over there!

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