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Practicing Scales: Right Hand Technique - Group 3

Rick Graham 210 lessons

OK, the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that in group 3, the picking patterns are the same as group 2 but with one exception: the introduction of the hybrid picking.

The picking patterns are the same however we will be replacing the 2nd picked note on every string in example 1 with the middle finger of the right hand and the 3rd picked note of example 2 with the middle finger also.

This technique is very popular among country players and even rock players such as Brett Garsed and Guthrie Govan. It is an extremely useful technique and also gives a very different tone than just pick alone. I use this technique all the time.

Be mindful to play these exercises as we discussed before. Maintain the full rhythmic values and keep a consistent volume throughout.

Head on over to group 4!

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