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Technical Basics Series Pt.1 - Demonstration No.1

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Technical Basics Series Pt.1 - Let's Work Out Technical Basics Series Pt.1 - Demonstration No.2

Quick Notes:

1. Relax - If you're feeling any strain you are doing it wrong. (this is not a weight lifting contest, this is about skill)

2. Accent downbeats on groupings -

8th notes

8th note triplets

16th notes

16th note triplets


4. Remember, if you are having trouble, revisit the checklist in the video before.

Note: This can be quite a frustrating task for some of you. Good news, frustration is part of practice. Master you frustration and you minimize mistakes in the future. Relax and be open and honest with yourself about your playing! And have fun conquering your short-comings! ;-)