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'In the style of' Guthrie Govan - Section 3

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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Lets continue further into the world of Mr Govan!

Again the use of motivic development occurs here in a sequential chromatic pattern which ascends on the top e string by step. With these legato patterns try to keep as light a touch as possible as this will yield the best results.

Righty then, lets seperate the men from the boys with the lick from hell!

I've chosen to do this in smaller bitesized chunks to aid the digestive process for you. I've grouped them on the video into sections which sometimes stop in the middle of the beat. This is how I practiced those sections so I'd like you to take the same approach to start with. Once you have those parts under your belt you can play around with them as much as possible.

The approach to legato here is to keep the touch light however, Guthrie's legato style can be quite heavy handed so in order to capture his style, try to balance the light touch with power. Take this opportunity if you need to, to go and listen to some of his playing to get the idea.

Notice that in the ascending pattern in the last quarter beat of bar 4, I play the top e string with the middle finger of the right hand. Guthrie uses hybrid picking quite a lot and this was the ideal opportunity to use it here.

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