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Dividing Rhythm - Solo

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Alright then! Here we have the actual solo. If you feel like it, you could of course learn this right of, and then head on to the backing track to practice it. However, I highly recommend you go through the analysis part and the videos, since this will put everything into perspective, both theoretically and technically.

An important note here, this solo was at first all improvised, and I have then later transcribed it. It would be no problem at all to compose a solo targeting the thirds, but often as not, the targeting comes more randomly and musically in improvisation. So this whole transcription is more of an improvisational analysis. My goal with most of my lessons is to free up your improvisational potential, and you don’t do that by composing solos and learning licks by heart! You have to be willing and able to release control and trust your ears and fingers to do the walking and talking for you!

So, go through the video and then I’ll see you in the analysis parts!

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