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Tutorial - Metal Riff Montage
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Metal Riff Montage - Introduction

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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In my last tutorial, I spent a fair bit of time explaining and breaking down the factors that make up polymeters. In essence, we scratched the surface of the concept. This month, I chose to turn up the heavy knob just a little, and get your guys' brains back in motion, except this time, with some heavy metal riffs.

What you're going to hear are a collaboration of three different riffs. I tried to cover three essential metal guitar topics by piecing together not only polymetric ideas, but cool key modulating ideas, picking patterns and much more. So let's break 'em down!

These riffs are played in Dropped C tuning which is as follows:

(Low E string first): C G C F A D

Note: Each of these riffs will have their own separate backing tracks at the end of the tutorial.

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