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Visualizing Pentatonics - Line No. 4

Crazy! Scales Fusion
Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Here is our final line built from the Am pentatonic scale. This example makes the most blatant use of it as far as the sus4 shapes go.

If you analyze the line, you'll see that we're simply playing each inversion of Asus4 and Gsus4 rising up the neck from one end to the other.

The key here is to keep all your position shifts as smooth and in time as possible or the line will gradually move out of time. This is really tricky to do but with practice it'll come together.

This is also a great line to do in guitar shops while you're showing off! HAHA!

Seriously though, this kind of idea has very cool results if you use it properly. It helps you to visualize the scale in a way that box patterns would never allow you to do. In other words, your pentatonic playing becomes far more linear and not so position derived.

As usual, the standard tuning versions are at the end of the tutorial.

Good luck with this - let me know if you have any questions. Now, on to the backing tracks.

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