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Visualizing Pentatonics - Introduction

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Hi there guys! Welcome to this tutorial on visualizing pentatonic scales for guitar.

This tutorial aims to help you break out of the rut that the typical box pattern approach to learning pentatonics can produce.

If I were to put money on it, I'd bet that most of you out there know one or two, if not more, pentatonic shapes based on these box patterns. However, as good as these are, they can stifle your creativity by restricting you to the boxes and having to learn to shift between them.

Hopefully by the end of this tutorial, you'll feel a lot more free with your use of pentatonics and even be able to apply them to playing chords and over chord progressions! You'll also be able to construct modern sounding fusion lines all over the neck using a system that is both easy to apply and learn. That's the idea anyway!

The approach relies on using one chord structure that occurs in our pentatonic scale - the sus4 chord.

Move on to the next video to learn how to construct this chord shape and how to learn it all over the neck. We'll then apply it to the pentatonic scale and learn how to use it for line playing and chordal playing.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and it inspires you to search out more visualization techniques in a similar vein.

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