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Visualizing Pentatonics - Line No. 3

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Visualizing Pentatonics - Line No. 2 Visualizing Pentatonics - Line No. 4

Here is line no. 3, built exclusively from the Am Pentatonic scale.

Again, I've used sus4 shapes and their inversions to create the line beginning with a Gsus4 in the 1st inversion, followed by an Asus4 in the root position.

We then have the Gsus4 up an octave connected via a small linear phrase to the Asus4 in the 1st inversion, and then another 3-note-per-string legato phrase to finish the line.

There are some big stretches here so watch out and warm up properly!

Also, be aware of how well your pinky and third finger work together. This line is great for working on this weakest combination of fingers.

On to No. 4!!