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The Half Whole Diminished Scale - Creating Lines

Mike Salow 210 lessons

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The two ideas I've chosen to discuss in this tutorial are the major triads that exist within the scale as well as the dominant 7b5 arpeggios that exist.

Starting with the major triads...

Due to the series of half steps and whole steps in this scale we have 4 major triads within this scale: Off the 1 the b3 the b5 and the 6. This can also be viewed as having major triads in minor 3rds apart.

We can utilize major triads in many different ways and I encourage you to think outside of the box with this. It doesn’t only have to be scalier thinking. There are many chordal ideas to be taken away as well, but that is a whole other lesson entirely.

When it comes to the dominant 7b5 arpeggio, there are two that exist: Off the 1 and also off the b5. You will notice in the next video that both will be utilized.

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