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Melodic Minor Scales - Example Improvisation 3

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Melodic Minor Scales - Example Improvisation 2 Melodic Minor Scales - Backing Track 1

This final example is a bit more up tempo to give you a bit more of a soloing challenge!

Again we're in the key of Eb major but we have a new melodic minor source this time.

We start with two bars of Eb major and then get two bars of Cm6 in bars 3 and 4. These we can treat as chord I of C melodic minor and a direct substitution of a Cm∆7 chord.

We then switch between Eb major and Eb melodic minor(the melodic minor key built from the root note of our parent key) for the rest of the progression.

Once you've got your scales together this is great fun to play over.

Good luck and see you next time.

Don't forget, if you have any questions ask away in the forum!

All the best,