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Alternate Tunings - Part 2: Open E Major

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

So, in this second example we take a common "country roll" arpeggio (like the one used in my Bridging the gap to Country tutorial), and see how we can use that in this open E tuning. The challenge when trying to apply more scale based licks in an open tuning (seeing how then you would most likely WANT to stay in the key more rigidly), is to find all the notes in this new tuning. Once you've done that though, you can play some really cool open arpeggiated stuff, that you would have a very hard time playing in standard tuning.

New sounds! That's what it all about! Trying to play like this, kind of makes us approach the guitar a new, with the ears of a veteran perhaps, but the "search and find what sounds good, and don't dwell on what you're actually doing"-approach of the pure beginner. This is a great way to re-energize your plying, and stay interested and motivated!

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