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Barre Chords

Rick Graham 210 lessons

Barre chords, what exactly are they?

Barre chords are chords which enable us to take all of the open chords that we have learned, open chords being the basic chords which incorporate the use of open strings, and play them in different areas of the fingerboard. This technique involves using the first finger of the left hand to barre across all 6 strings on one fret and then using the remaining fingers to finger the notes of the open chord. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and as such represents one of the most important hurdles to overcome on your journey as a guitarist.

It is vital that your are aware of three main things from a technical standpoint

1. Be sure to position the first finger of the left hand directly behind the fret. This will yield the best results.

2. Avoid positioning the joints of the finger over the strings. If you do, it will make life a whole lot more difficult

3. Use the weight of the left hand arm to help you fret the notes.

If you follow the above points you will be a master of barre chords in no time at all. OK, best of luck!

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