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Tutorial - TapOut
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TapOut - Breakdown 1

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

In this first breakdown, we'll be looking at the first riff. This riff is made up of a sliding 3-string chord (an augmented power chord, or "half-diminished power chord" or "b5 power chord" as I believe you call it in the US), and some heavy palm-muted rhythmical responses on the low C string. As you saw on the full transcript, the low E-string is tuned down to C.

Another important technique that you should focus on is the rhythmical “slaps” I make when there are right-hand rests in the riff. This creates the driving effect I was after in this particular riff. I also urge you to check out my Muting Techniques tutorial on this. The first example of this kind of “slap-mute” is in "5a" of the Muting Techniques tutorial, but be sure to check out all the examples if you haven't already.

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