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In The Style of Scar Symmetry (Per Nilsson) - Part 4

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In The Style of Scar Symmetry (Per Nilsson) - Part... In The Style of Scar Symmetry (Per Nilsson) - Back...

PART 4: Legato Arpeggio Sequences

Bars 17-22

This section begins melodically, then climbs a 2 note per string pattern beginning on an up-stroke. This IS subjective as I know a lot of players who would attack this lick starting with a down-stroke instead; try both. I find, the main advantage of beginning these types of "pentatonic-esque" licks with an up-stroke, is it seems like there is less effort required and the pick doesn't dig in quite as much. Starting in bar 21, we see 3-note arpeggios being played in patterns of 1 note on the B, 2 notes on the E. The main issue you may find yourself addressing here, is transitional abilities. The transitions from one arpeggio to the next are not forgiving, and simply require quick movements from one arpeggio to the next. The final bar (20) contains a cluster of notes sounding two 2-string diminshed arpeggios. To avoid noise, being this a string-skip lick, make sure to incorporate the right hand and mute the above strings (low E through D) with the palm/wrist.