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Classical Guitar Solo - Pavane Part 1

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Classical Guitar Solo - Pavane by F.Tarrega Classical Guitar Solo - Pavane Part 2

With this type of composition, I really feel that you must try and approach it in a very classy kind of way. Hmmm, what exactly do I mean by that? Well, Tarrega wrote quite a few of these short but very charming pieces of music and they are all full of techniques which Tarrega wanted to make use of, such as glissandos and grace notes for example. In order to really express the stylistic qualities of these techniques, I feel it is essential that you approach practicing them in the best way possible, which is with 100% control. It is very easy to approach these techniques as 'just slides' or 'just trills' etc. However, it is with this kind of careless approach that can often result in very cheap performances.

You must be sure to carefully practice the ornaments throughout the piece and approach them as essential aspects of the overall performance. Be very mindful of making sure the ornaments are played clearly and with expression.