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Minor Voicings - Part 2 & Changing Scale Roots

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

So, here I’ve derived my voicings from the same E minor scale, but started out with an Esus4 voicing. I also touch upon another topic here, the topic of key change by altering root. Let’s say you play these voicings over that E-bass note, and play the E minor scale over that. Your scale will sound like an Eminor scale right? However, if I play a low B in the bass instead, and play the same voicings, the B will sound like homebase, and thus the scale will no longer be E minor, but B Phrygian instead. Playing your same E minor lines will no sound B Phrygian with B as home base.

Same thing if I change the root to C. Now the tonality shifts to C Lydian instead. The chords will of course change character. Let’s say you play that E voicing starting on the second fret of the D-string (E, B, C, G). With E in the root, it will sound like an Eminb6, but with C in the root, it will have the character of a Cmaj7. Experiment with these things to your heart’s content!

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