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Tutorial - Quartal Harmony
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Quartal Harmony - Shapes on the middle 4 strings

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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Okay, so here we'll start to learn the construction of these quartal shapes. In the video I outline each shape for you using note names on the fretboard. If you don't know your note names don't fear! The shapes are all represented in the TAB below so just use that.

There are 7 shapes here starting on the note C on the A string with a doubled 8th chords which is the first on up one octave (labelled II 8ve). They are built from a C dorian scale giving us the scale harmonised in 4ths. Normally, for tertiary harmony, the scale would be harmonised in 3rds. If our bass player plays a C minor groove then we can play any or all of these voicings to sum up or create the sound of the dorian scale built from C.

Learn the shapes and make note of how they progress up the fretboard in relation to one another. You'll need to be able to play these from memory and improvise with them not relying on the order of them. In other words being able to play them in any order and be free with them up and down the neck.

For now ignore the Roman Numerals. We'll come on to those later.

Move onto the next video for the C dorian shapes on the Top 4 Strings.

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