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Pentatonic Tapping - Exercise 1

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

Hi guys!

In this lesson we'll take a peek at two tapping sequences in the Emin pentatonic scale, incorporating open strings into the lines.

This first example starts out just moving up the high E-string covering all five positions, before turning around.

After we turn around we start going diagonally down across the strings, crossing several boxes once again. Now, if you feel at all uncomfortable knowing all the boxes of the pentatonic scale diagonally, I suggest you start by checking out my Unlocking the Fretboard and Pentatonic Finder tutorials, where you have some exercises that will teach you how to view the pentatonic scales all across the fretboard, instead of just the traditional box shapes (which you need in order to separate the boxes into two handed stuff)

Also, I've chosen to make this example as a slightly broken rhythm, instead of just a continuous flood of sixteen notes (which is most often how you practise sequences). This in order to make you focus on rhythm and timing as well as the technique itself. So get cracking!!

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