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Pedal Note Arpeggio Study - Part 1

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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OK, you'll really need to focus on the clarity between the notes throughout the study and as always, make sure you practice it as slowly as possible and let your ears be your guide.

If you are using a pick(which I think 99.9% of you will be doing) it may be advisable to use outside picking when crossing strings during the 1st pattern. Doing this will help you to achieve more rhythmic solidity and at the same time more clarity. During the wider string skips of the 2nd pattern you may want to employ the use of hybrid picking if the jump is causing you problems. I love hybrid picking. For me it is much more comfortable and efficient that doing big jumps with the whole of the right hand. By using this technique, you can pretty much keep your hand in the same position and reach any string you want to with minimum effort. I also much prefer the sound of fingers on strings too but again whatever feel right for you.

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