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Bending And Vibrato - Vibrato Essentials

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

In this lesson, we will be talking about the most important technique that you can learn as a guitar player, which is having good vibrato. I feel that you can have all the chops in the world, but if you don't have good vibrato, it is going to sound horrible and no one is going to what to listen to you.

Doing good vibrato is very easy. You're not sliding your finger across the fretboard like you see violin players doing. What your doing is, pulling the note downward, which will raise it up and then bring the note back to it's original pitch.

When doing good vibrato, make sure that your doing this slowly and that you aren't doing this very fast. Depending on the style of music your playing, there are different degrees of vibrato you can use.

Make sure that you try this exercise all over the neck and on different string groups to gauge which parts require more or less effort on your part. When it comes to the high E and B strings, your going to want to do your vibrato upwards. When it comes to the D and G strings, either way will do. I like to do mine down. When it comes to the A and low E strings, vibrato downwards is going to be your best bet.

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