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Tap Harmonics - Part 2

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Tap Harmonics - Part 1 Harp Harmonics

Finally! Time for some actual examples huh?!

Now, even though notating tap harmonics isn't as bad as trying to notate correct pinch harmonics, there is still no software that does it well I’m afraid. I can notate the octave taps, but as for notating other harmonic nodal points, no can do. You’ll just have to experiment with the examples yourself, and try your way (of course always using your knowledge of the table of harmonics). For example, you could take all your taps down 2 frets, and thus be at the 1/3 division, which will produce a harmonic a perfect fourth below your lead line, thus creating a nice harmony.

You can of course also try ANY melody of your choice. Start out by playing it on the octave (1/2 division) and then go from there. Also try sliding, bending and combining techniques. (And try not to be as sloppy as yours truly will ya) =)

As mentioned in the video, Andy Timmons has some cool tunes that feature a lot of melodic playing using tap harmonics (mainly because they look cool I think) Haha!

Okay then, move ahead to the next part!