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Tutorial - Starting to Pick
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Moving Between Strings - 2-strings Exercise 1

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

On to the next exercise! This one involves 2 strings and it is very similar to our previous lesson. Now we will again play alternate picking and we'll extend it to second string.

Start slowly and make your way to the place where you change strings. In this example the first note of the next string is down stroke so you won't have any troubles playing it.

Make sure your hands are synchronized, 1 pick/1 note and picking and fretting should work together. Don't hurry to play faster. Speed will come with time. The point of this is to get the feeling for alternate picking and start getting used to the picking style you have chosen.

You can also mix this exercise with the one from the previous lesson so you play this exercise twice, than once the previous exercise, than again play the new exercise. It will sure get your fingers and picking going better.

Our next lesson will still consist of 2-strings exercises. It's very important to play a couple of similar exercises in order to get things going.

All right, practice this one for a while, then we'll meet in our next lesson on alternate picking.

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