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Time Feel - Exercise 3: Explanation

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

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The remaining three exercises follow the same premise we used for exercise two (with an easier chord progression) except that we'll gradually be leaving more and more space in between the physical metronome clicks leaving your internal metronome with more work to do. As you practice you should find your accuracy getting better and better and see yourself locking in with the physical metronome more and more.

This exercise leaves us with just one click per bar, this time on beat 2 of the bar. It looks like this,

1  2  3  4  |  1  2  3  4

     ↑                    ↑      

Your metronome needs to be set up very slowly now, right down to 41 bpm to represent a true tempo of 164 bpm. We have a lot of space in between each click now and it may be a challenge just to count the beats correctly. Keep at it though and it'll start to happen! Again, tap your foot on beats 2 and 4 to retain the swing feel.

Finally, it may help to get started by starting the count on 2 instead of 1. Let me know if you have any problems!

Good luck!

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